Julie Penrose (Continuum) Fountain - 3D Rendering

In 2001 I had the pleasure of working on a fountain design competition with Architect David Barber & Sculptor Bill Burgess.  The original renderings helped David and Bill present their concept and win the international design competition.  The City of Colorado Springs later commissioned me to do another set of renderings that reflected some design changes that had occurred.  The rendering shown here was one of the city-commissioned  renderings I revisited in 2012 as a personal project, experimenting with digital techniques that look more like a traditional hand drawn rendering.  

The fountain is about four stories tall and is located in America the Beautiful Park.  It was originally called The Continuum Fountain but many know of it as the Julie Penrose Fountain.  It spins 360 degrees too - see it in action in this Youtube video.

Julie Penrose Fountain at America the Beautiful Park